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Victoria Secret

The Victoria’s Secret factory not only fired 1,388 workers without notice, but it has also refused to pay them the $8.5 million in severance it legally owes them.

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Environmental Impact of Fast Fashion

Over the last few centuries, our perspective on fashion has dramatically changed. The fashion industry today looks nothing like it did in the past. It encourages consumers to view clothing as disposable, while the new fast fashion model is rapidly emerging. But how does this affect the environment?

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Ethical African Fashion: An Overview of African Designers and Practices

Championing ethical fashion extends beyond exposing human rights violations, and into promoting socially, environmentally and culturally sustainable practices.

In the age of fast fashion, cheap synthetic materials and mass-production have pushed traditional clothing practices to the peripheries. It is both culturally and socially important that we celebrate local craftsmanship. Traditional manufacturing practices contribute to local ecosystems, support communities and uphold values and heritage.

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Exploited, Harassed and Mentally Attacked – Treatment of Fashion Models Devoid of Human Dignity

Given a chance to become a fashion model for a day, would you accept the offer? The answer is probably ‘yes’! Because who does not want to indulge in luxury, become rich and have millions of followers on Instagram like Kendal Jenner and Gigi Hadid? However, the life of fashion models is not as glamorous as it appears on the pages of newspapers and the runway.

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1. Kalkidan Legesse

Sustainable Fashion Advocate Kalkidan Legesse is an entrepreneur and advocate for socially responsible and environmentally friendly businesses. She is the founder of Sancho’s, an ethical fashion and lifestyle store in Exeter, where she went to university and later achieved an MBA. She is currently developing a new app, Schwap, which will help businesses adapt to a circular model by allowing them to resell items.

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40 UNDER 40

Here we Spotlight 40 FASCINATING, INNOVATIVE and GROUND BREAKING individuals who has dedicated their lives, resources and adopted a way of life that supports human rights activism in fashion, sustainability and climate change.

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